Handcrafted Wooden Flags

Making handcrafted art despite a saturated Facebook Marketplace trend

American flag art has been around forever and the recent wood flag trend has been awesome to watch catch fire all over Etsy and Facebook Marketplace.

Being a woodworker since my teens, I have built a swipe file over the years with furniture designs, craft ideas and boat plans that I dig into when it's time to make something fun.

I first saw wooden flags on Facebook when a good friend of mine started making and selling them. I dug into a popular Facebook group that focused only on wood flag making. It's a very helpful community but at the rate it was growing it was clear that an over-saturated market for wooden flags was evolving quickly.


Building a few myself, I discovered how fun they were to make so I really understand the online buzz but what I really liked was how customizable they are. That's where the creativity and opportunity to be unique comes in.

Whenever there's a market for a product, there is also a flood of opportunity seekers looking to cash in. Some seekers come to develop out the idea further with their own style and designs. Other seekers become human copy machines adding nothing.

Within a few months the Facebook local and Etsy marketplace flooded which turned into a race to the bottom to see who can make the cheapest flags. Price per flag were driven down and quality of the art sunk even faster.

An artist has to split off and make a distinguished product. I read a book recently about having a unique selling proposition. What makes you better than the others? Competition is a good thing and the USP helps you stand out.


Textured finish, thicker wood, finished back, richer colors, grain pattern choice, urethane and time. They all matter and they all make a finer flag in the end.


Making custom, one-of-a-kind wooden art is what I do. If you're interested in a custom piece you can contact me at coreybornmann@gmail.com or call/text me at 717.342.9557 and we can talk about making something unique for you.

~ Corey Bornmann

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