Urban Garden First Fruit

A successful proof-of-concept mini urban garden

I started moving forward with a plan to make a low maintenance permaculture backyard at a rental property we have in Steelton, Pennsylvania. Part of that plan was testing the yard with a tomato plant and Sooyo cucumber plant to see if anything will grow unattended in that unloved backyard.

While visiting this week I checked out the backyard to see how the plants were doing and to stake up the tomato plant that I knew was getting viney. The tomato plant was doing great but I was surprised to see two ripe Sooyo cucumbers hanging off the vine that crawled up onto the fence dividing the properties. That plant looked kinda haggard last time I looked at it so I was pretty excited to see it suddenly thriving!

Two beautiful cucumbers were ready to pick.

The first floor tenant had his kitchen door open and was making a morning juice in the blender when I asked him to come outside and check this out. We cut two ripe cucumbers that grew in the soil from the onsite compost pit and the tenant used one of them in his juice that morning.

God's plan is perfect and I'm looking forward to filling this backyard with woodchips to start getting that soil in shape and build a rental backyard that's easy to maintain instead of mowing grass and weeds every week, spring, summer and fall.

That's back-to-eden gardening.

~ Corey Bornmann

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