Spider Slate

One hundred year old slate roofing, one day old spider webs

This fall we've seen some giant spiderwebs around Elizabethtown and I think that they're amazing.

Yesterday I spent 20 minutes watching a spider move in ever smaller circles, legs finding places to stand while each span was dabbed down perfectly in place by her pointy butt.

So now when I come across a giant web (if I haven't already walked through it), I gather up my supplies and capture it on old slate roof shingles.

From the webs I've collected this fall here are 3 of the best to date and they're all available if you're interested.

Each spider slate is sealed with 15 coats of Polycrylic water-based protective finish so they are durable enough to run your finger over the slate and feel the web slide along under your finger tips. It's pretty cool.

Spider Slate 1

7.5" x 10", coal black painted slate, clear polycrylic

Price: $50 (shipping $10) (buy now)


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Spider Slate 2

11" x 10", chocolate brown painted slate, clear polycrylic

Price: $50 (shipping $10) (buy now)


Buy now with PayPal, Credit or Debit

Spider Slate 3

6" x 11", coal black painted slate, clear polycrylic

Price: $50 (shipping $10) (buy now)


Buy now with PayPal, Credit or Debit

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