Summer Snowboarding Leg Workout

Revolution 101 Balance Board

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The balance board has been a surfers dry land training secret forever.

As board sports progressed into skateboarding, snowboarding and wake boarding the balance board has been a natural fit for low risk leg strengthening and balance development.

There are several different designs and I chose the skateboard style with the rolling pin type of fulcrum as shown in the image above.

I like to use the balance board when getting ready for the coming season if I'm planning on snowboarding to strengthen my legs in a way that applies constant pressure to the thighs that's a lot like a crusing run with constant pressure on the quads.

The board is really easy to get the hang of especially when used on a carpeted floor and when starting out you can put a chair in front so you have something to hang on to when getting used to balancing and moving from one side to the other.

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